Rt 66 Missouri

Route 66 Hot Dogs
Located on Historic Route 66
2611 W College Rd
Springfield, Missouri

Get your kicks on Route 66




2009, Route 66 Hotdogs first openned its doors (legally) serving Springfield, MO
2009, Our HQ is an old grocery store built in the 1920's, located on old Route 66 itself.
2010, We are serving Sabretts, Nathans & Hebrew Nationals all beef dogs.
2011, Shop is getting in shape, some old soda machines.
2012, After trying our hand at the mighty Hot Dog Cart, we made our way to our first Food Truck. 
2014, Upgraded to a 22', 1974 Chevy P30, Step Van, for a few years. 
2015, Operated at 1905 W College for a short time. 
2016, We purchased a small Parking Lot on the Mother Road (2611 W College)
2017, Finally finished Gabriel, the 1999 Freightliner. (pictured)
2017, We started our first Movie Nights - on Halloween
2018, A little here, a little there.
2019, Built a little Gazebo. Brought in Stanley,the White Van.

2020    Decided only to stay at 2611 W College. Thu - Fri 11:30-3:30 or so.
2020    Brought in Ronald (1950 Plymouth) & Betsy (1950 Ford Fire Truck)

2021 We were closed over a year because of the turmoil in our country (inflation, covid, etc)

2021 Maintenance, Sabretts, Cash App, electric approved in November 


We Serve Hebrew National ... why?

because, we answer to a higher authority.




6.00 Dogs with Chips

Classic relish, onion, ketchup, mustard

New York warm kraut, mustard

Nori Dog grilled onion, teriyaki, mayo, nori

Viking pickle, mayo, mustard, ketchup, onion crisp


7.00 Dogs with Chips 

Italiano tomato, avocado, mayo

Seattle cream cheese, grilled onion, jalapeno, sriracha

Stadium relish, tomato, onion, jalapeno, pickle, mustard, celery salt

Chili Cheese chili w/beans, cheese, onion, jalapeno, mustard


8.00 Dogs with Chips

Pastrami pastrami, swiss cheese, grilled onion, pickle, mustard

Rueben pastrami, swiss cheese, kraut, pickle, 1000 island



We have been accepting BITCOIN since 2018 

Periodically, we will serve a Wonder Dog, as we get the proper products and the extra help.
We figure, If you're gonna have a Gabagool ... you want fresh Gabagool from New York.

You will have to stay tuned, but some of our Wonder Dogs are:
Bruschetta, Gabagool, Greek, Hawaiian Pizza, Tour, Caprese, Lincoln Log and various Slaw Dogs.



1.00 Water, Chips

2.00 Bottled Soda, Choc Milk

2.00 Coffee, Hot Choc

12.00  Birthplace of Route 66, by Skip Curtis


And when it gets Hot ... real Hot: 

Ice Cream Bars

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade with lots of ice!!

AND YES ... WE ACCEPT Cash, Crypto & Credit Cards (and an occasional chicken in trade)


Thanks from the Sterpe Family;
Pete, Linda, Mike, Tom, John & Joe